2015 AOPA

San Antonio, Here We Come!

We are off to San Antonio, TX to attend the 2015 AOPA National Assembly Conference. Come say hi, we will be located at booth 720. OP Solutions, The Solutions to all your OP Headaches!

Day 1

We are all set up and ready to tell you all about OP Solutions, Booth 720! For those of you who are unable to make it out to San Antonio you can learn more about OP Solutions and all the marketing tools & clinical resources to help make your clinic even more successful by visiting their website

Meeting People

The 2015 AOPA National Assembly has started out great. We have met so many great people and have caught up with some old friends. Pictured here (from left to right) is Loma Linda University Department of Physical Therapy Orthotics and Prosthetics Director Hans Shaepper and CEO of OP Solutions, Jason Kahle. 

Who's There?

Here is our very own Loi Ho and Magen Koch. Magen is the GM of OP Solutions and the 'Go To' lady for all your questions about what OP Solutions has to offer for your OP Facility. Loi's there to tell everyone how simple it is to use OP Solutions' website, and how essential it has been to our practices' success. 

Day 2

We just kicked off Day 2 at the National Assembly Conference, and already OP Solutions is having an amazing turn out! Magen and Jason are having a great time explaining what OP Solutions has to offer. Not only are they filled with the knowledge to help market your OP Practice, they also have FREE goodies (we all know how much we love free things) , booth 720!

Unable to make it out to the conference, but having a tough time with your OP Practice Website? Here's a short video to show how user friendly your website can be with the help of OP Solutions.

Look Who Stopped By!

Here is OP Solutions' CEO Jason Kahle talking President & CEO of Amputee Coalition Susan Stout through Prosthetist Finder. OP Solutions worked with Amputee Coalition to create Prosthetist Finder. Prosthetist Finder helps the user search for a Prothetist based on their characteristics. Do not settle for less than who YOU choose. This search tool allows you to choose a Prosthetist based on proximity, experience, credentials, hours, and much more. Click here to learn more about Prosthetist Finder. 

ALPS South

One of the great things about attending conference's in your field of work is meeting the brains behind the products in which you use daily. Pictured here (from left to right) is Jasons research partner Tyler Klenow, Jack Loop and Kevin McLoone from ALPS South and OP Solutions CEO Jason Kahle. We use Alps South products on both our Prosthetic and Orthotic patients. To learn more about ALPS Products you can check out their webiste.


Mike Sotak, President & CEO of PEL, also dropped by to see what OP Soultions had to say. Along with ALPS South PDR works alot with PEL Supply to provide our patients with what is best for them. PEL's motto is, "The Service You Deserve," a motto worth being proud of. No patient is the same, so having a variety of supplies companies provides OP Facilities, such as PDR, with the best to allow patients to go back to a life of independence. To learn more about PEL you can visit their webiste here.

Kahle Speaks About Outcome Measures Project

Not only is OP Solutions CEO Jason Kahle attending this conference to speak of the great things his company has to offer your OP Facility, he has a little more to say. AAOP and OP Solutions teams up to bring evidence based outcome measures to the Orthotic Prosthetic community. Pictured here is Jason Kahle, his research partner Tyler Klenow, along with the AAOP team explaining their findings. 

How Could We Forget!

The lovely ladies of the American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists stopped by booth 720! Pictured is Kahle, Manisha S. Bhaskar Director of Publications and Marketing, Chellie H. Blondes Deputy Executive Director, and Lydia Middleton, MBA, CAE Executive Director. The academy is dedicated to promoting professionalism and advancing the standards of patient care through education, literature, research, advocacy, and collaboration. If you're interested in learning more about the academy visit their website here.

Day 3, Starting Out Strong

OP Solutions CEO, Jason Kahle, started off day 3 of the AOPA National Assembly giving a little presentation. Kahle is speaking on The Effectiveness of the Ertl Osteomyoplastic Bone Bridge Transtibial Amputation Procedure: A Systematic Review. On the far left you can see Dr. Jan Ertl himself!

Thank You San Antonio

Loi, Jason, and Magen (pictured left to right) had a great time talking to everyone who was able to attend the 2015 AOPA National Assembly Conference. If you have any questions about what was mentioned throughout these posts please feel free to give us a call or email. See everyone next year!

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