Camp No Limits Florida 2012

We were happy to have our veteran campers and families and also had the opportunity to welcome 12 brand new families!

Special thanks to Kevin Carroll from Hanger Clinic and the Anderson Family Foundation for making it possible for so many families to attend Florida camp this year and for us to also have our yearly visit to meet “Winter the Dolphin” at the Clearwater Aquarium.  We had a chance to see Winter put on her tail and hear about the background of the movie a “Dolphin Tale” and had a chance to see the props from the movie as well!We then spent the rest of our afternoon at the beach of “sunny” yet cold Florida once again but that didn’t stop several of our campers from trying out the salt water of the gulf coast!

We enjoyed our life skills sessions this year with help from the University of South Florida Physical Therapy students headed up by Jason Highsmith, PT, CP.  We were lucky to have Kim Furlong our camp Physical Therapist there to lead the group in a running clinic after learning the skills of agility, balance, and proper body mechanics.   Special thanks to Jason Kahle, CP who brought out Journey the wonder dog!  Journey put a smile on many kids faces!  Our 3 legged friend is lucky to have his own prosthesis as well ready to encourage the kids to run on their prosthetic legs too!  We are happy to report having the opportunity to have Rudy Garcia-Tolson a paralymian swimmer and amazing athlete attend for the first time at our camp!  We also had Roderick Sewell also attend CNL for the first time lucky to have such young inspiration bilateral above the knee amputees there to show all that is possible.   Our OT life skills proved to be informative this year with Carrie Davis sharing her wealth of knowledge not only as a transradial amputee but also an upper extremity prosthetic user.  We learned how to tie shoes, and had a chance to use the Myoboy (A training tool for preparation of use of myoelectric prosthetics). 

Cameron Clapp once again was there to educate and inspire us on so many levels from physical health, prosthetic care and even mastering putting his hair in a ponytail!  We had a fun filled afternoon at our Adventure Day sponsored by the Never Say Never Foundation (Nick, Regis, Josh, Kayne, Tyler) involving high ropes course, and tree climbing!  We had some amazing climbs and huge smiles!  We had the chance to enjoy s’mores by the campfire, Toby and Alex were pros at roasting marshmallows. We finished our camp with an amazing talent show and dance that went into the wee hours of the night!  Jeremiah shared with us some amazing piano playing and Hope and her sister Kali did an awesome job singing for us with a lovely voice!  We had so many awesome talents as all of our campers are amazing and share with us the inspiration of never giving up.

There are so many people to thank this year including our inspirational “CNL TOUR GROUP” consisting of Keegan, Adrienne, Cameron, Jack, and David.  Jerry, Loi,, Amber, and Clara also have now made it to enough camps to also be considered part of our tour.   Thank you all for wanting to spend so much of your time with us!  We are thankful this year to have had such wonderful volunteers (OT and PT students, prosthetists, adult amputees and parents).  I want to thank all the families and campers for taking a chance to be part of our camp and joining our CNL family adding to our network of education, information, and peer support!
Monday, December 31, 2012


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