Camp No Limits Maryland 2012

We enjoyed so many firsts including Jayden and Joey learning to tie their shoes!  Our days were jam packed with morning exercise, life skills (OT/PT life skills sessions), and the adventure afternoons complete with high ropes, zipline, and the ever scary giant swing!  We enjoyed pumpkin carving thanks to the Behrens family for getting the pumpkins donated to us by Norman’s Farm.  We had many wonderful and creative carvings especially Keegan and Jack’s infamous pumpkin that ate a little too much candy…

We had a wonderful group of volunteers including prosthetists, therapists, parents, healthcare professionals, adult amputees, and a tireless group of kitchen staff that we cannot thank enough for all your hard work!  We want to thank Dr. Chris for taking such awesome photos and taking care of our medical needs!  Thank you Loi for putting together our final slideshow and taking some awesome photos as well!  We want to especially thank the Rennix family for having the idea of bringing Camp No Limits to Maryland we are especially thankful as this has become the favorite Camp No Limits spot for the fall!  We want to thank the Ephrata, PA Rotary for their donation to our 2012 camp and also Mary Ann Robinson who was a first time volunteer and adult amputee for not only coming out and jumping in to help with the kitchen and also donate $1,000 to our organization!  We are so excited to have had you come out and be part of our group!  It’s never too late to come to Camp No Limits!

We had such an amazing talent show and dance it was clear no one wanted camp to end!  Highlights included our new favorite song by Jason Mraz “I won’t give up” brought to us by Jayden and his mom and we were so glad to have that song requested just for them!!  Jack and Ally, Adrienne, and Keegan decided to also go a step further and play the song and sing the song dedicated to Jayden and his mom at the talent show as well a few happy tears were shed!  The parents reported a very humbling experience in our parent support groups as so many veteran parents were able to support our new comer families.  Graham (now veteran parent) renamed parent support group “circle of tears” in a good way!  As support group is such a safe way to share personal struggles and feel the support given by all!  Again, I want to thank everyone for your participation at Camp No Limits Maryland!  Each camper, family member, and volunteer adds something so special to our group it wouldn’t be the same without any of you!  We are so happy to have added so many new faces this year and we hope to continue this trend!

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